DT3 Logistics fuel management technology will drive your efficiency to the next level.

With the DT3 Carrier Edge program take advantage of our low transactions fees and significant savings off retail gas prices, tires, and equipment repairs. Level the playing field with many of the largest carriers in the country and lower your variable expenses.

Compete on more loads and lanes that are not profitable for you at retail fuel prices, or simply add to your bottom line of your current operations. Never pay retail.

Fuel, Shop, and Tarp discount programs.

Reduce your expenses on tires.

Reduce your costs on shop repairs.

National retail discounts on hotels, dining, gym memberships, cell phones, movies, vehicle purchases, and more...

Leverage your transaction data and take control of your fuel spend with Electronic Fuel Reconciliation from EFS.

See all the benefits in this PDF.

Carrier Edge Savings

Fuel Edge

No charges for initiation or when you need a replacement card change.

We provide you with a private app to plan out efficient fuel stops.

Tarp Edge

Discounted standard or custom tarps from Big Sky Canvas.

Shop Edge

$65 per hour labor costs provided at our DT3 Logistics shop. Parts at Cost.

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